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How we helped BELKIN Vision with their merch project.

Louise Edmonds

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

at BELKIN Vision

"Monday Merch were excellent! A seamless service from beginning to end. We had very tight deadlines and required our Tote bags to be shipped to Rome for a conference - the turnaround was impeccable and the quality of the bags was of the highest standard. A special thank you to Daniel Luna who was incredibly professional and 'made it happen'. I can't recommend Monday Merch enough!"

"Monday Merch were excellent! A seamless service from beginning to end. We had very tight deadlines and required our Tote bags to be shipped to Rome for a conference - the turnaround was impeccable and the quality of the bags was of the highest standard. A special thank you to Daniel Luna who was incredibly professional and 'made it happen'. I can't recommend Monday Merch enough!"

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Ramona Szilveszter

Business Consultant

Nov 30, 2023

I am delighted to share my positive experience with Monday Merch, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outstanding service and high-quality products they offer. From the moment I explored their website, the user-friendly interface made my shopping experience seamless. The range and quality of merchandise available exceeded my expectations, and I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in the products received. I must highlight the exceptional customer service provided by Paulina. Her dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction was evident throughout our interaction. Paulina's helpful and customer-oriented approach made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. I wholeheartedly recommend Monday Merch to anyone seeking top-notch products and excellent service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with a diverse and high-quality product range, sets them apart in the industry. Kudos to the entire team, and special thanks to Paulina for making my experience memorable. I look forward to future purchases with confidence!

Jessica Anhalt

Executive Assistant

Nov 29, 2023

Great products and fast delivery! :)

Maja Tepeh

Senior Brand Manager

Nov 28, 2023

Amazing customer support and delivered as promised. Will definitely order again, our clients were delighted with the goodie bags.

Josefin Lindelöw

Marketing & Communications

Nov 27, 2023

Very pleased with both service and the products!! Quick, service minded and good quality!!

Kasha Shillington

Director - Europe

Nov 24, 2023

Thank you Monday Merch - we had an amazing experience with your company (which is unfortunately too rare nowadays!). We urgently needed 1000 branded items of high quality on a budget and after asking for a quote one evening, I was surprised to receive a personal call the very next morning from Marlene - Merch Consultant. We wanted to look at a number of options and we were amazed at how friendly, simple and fast Marlene was in responding to everything. Everything was truly seamless and high quality... and actually arrived AHEAD of our deadline! We’ll definitely use Monday Merch again. Marlene made our experience so easy - answering all of our questions with prompt and forward-thinking responses. Monday Merch clearly delivers on their customer promise responding very quickly to enquiries with a dedicated manager. In general, we change vendors or seek different solutions because the buying process is made so difficult, lacks functionality or you are wasting time explaining your situation to yet another manager on a phone. Monday Merch has clearly understood the concept of 'customer service' and created a company that delivers. So huge kudos to Monday Merch – I could not recommend you (and Marlene :)) more highly. CocoCoast and other brands we support will definitely be ordering again in the near future

Damien Sweeney

Senior Marketing Manager

Nov 23, 2023

Worked with Connor on ordering merchandise for a conference. The process was very smooth and easy, the merchandise was top quality and they have tons of sustainable options. Would highly recommend.

Isidora Nikolic

Communications and Brand Specialist

Nov 23, 2023

We had a fantastic experience collaborating with Monday Merch. From the outset, our communication was seamless and every detail we discussed was executed with precision. The level of service provided was exceptional and the entire process went smoothly. Looking forward for future collaborations!

Leon Buijsman

Managing Director

Nov 22, 2023

Great service, great products.

Ariadna Romans

Nov 21, 2023

It was very nice and easy to work with Monday Merch, and the sustainability of their recycled canvas is a very strong point to choose them :)

Yessica Mans

Visual Designer

Nov 17, 2023

Great service, quick replies, good quality of the products!

Lisa Speidel

Marketing Management

Nov 13, 2023

Very nice welcome box. Super communication. All wishes are catered for here! I can only recommend it. The dispatch to Germany also worked perfectly

Jacqueline Mcintyre

Office Manager

Nov 13, 2023

An amazing experience working with Connor. Their aftersales service is equally as excellent as their presales service. I would highly recommend Monday Merch! Thank you for everything Connor.

Daan Westerhuis

International Marketing Lead

Nov 11, 2023

Good products, great service, quick turnaround. I recommend working with Monday Merch!

Anders Reeves


Nov 10, 2023

Great products, excellent client support, and reliable delivery times. Recommended.

Elena Gandini

Project Manager

Nov 3, 2023

Great quality and outstanding service by Natalia :)

Anne-Laure Maladira

Independent Entrepreneur

Oct 29, 2023

Professional service and people are very nice to work with! I have ordered t-shirt, caps, bottles - the quality is very good and not too expensive I recommend ;-)

Viktoria Weber

Brand Strategy

Oct 28, 2023

Great customer service and amazing high-quality products. Will order again.

Daniel Bender

Oct 27, 2023

Not that cheap, compared to the "big ones" but totaly worth it! Outstanding service and way better processes.

David Hansson

Chief Financial Officer

Oct 23, 2023

Great service and good quality on the goods!

Rianna Jary

Business Operations Manager

Oct 18, 2023

Great and wide selection of products that are reasonably priced! The majority of products are made with recycled and/or all natural materials and can be recycled after use. The customer service was great too!

Robert Moors

Client Executive

Oct 17, 2023

Very nice company to work with; think along with you and arrange a smooth delivery of the ordered products. The products I have ordered from them so far have been of very good quality and fully met expectations.

Rebecca Serra

EA & Studio Manager

Oct 11, 2023

Working with Connor at Monday has far exceeded my merch expectations! The process was streamlined, quick and transparent, I loved that everything came prepackaged and hassle free for our company offsite so that I wasn't running around like crazy trying to pack it all. The items we chose were great quality and went down a storm with our team. I'd use you guys again in a heartbeat! Thank you!

Michael Bonenkamp

Operational Director

Oct 5, 2023

High quality merch. Amazing for your daily cappuccino.

Syed Fazle Rahman

Co-Founder & CEO

Oct 4, 2023

We loved the quality of the merch.

John Faulkner-Willcocks


Oct 2, 2023

Great customer service and good quality products. Would recommend.

Hugo Saintot

Sales Development Representative

Sep 30, 2023

I placed an order 15 days before my corporate event and came across an ultra-responsive person. Yael demonstrated unparalleled professionalism. She was able to meet my expectations and meet tight deadlines. Communication was smooth and fast! The products, for their part, are of very good quality, I ordered 10 different references, and all of them are qualitative. This allowed me to make my gift bags for the 20th anniversary of my company, everyone left with a smile on their face and their gifts made in MondayMerch in hand!

Stef de Krieger


Sep 30, 2023

Nice website and good service. I needed an urgent order quickly and Marlene helped me a lot!

Vittoria Petronelli

Human Resources Associate

Sep 26, 2023

Amazing service!

Anthony Johnson


Sep 21, 2023

Fantastic merch vendor, especially for major events/conferences. The laptop sleeves we purchased as a conference giveaway were customized to order, and high-quality in terms of material and look/feel. Their ordering and payments process was quick and efficient, and flexible to accommodate even our complex corporate invoicing processes.

Antonia Strohschen

Vice President

Sep 21, 2023

Great customer Service and product!

William Barberet

Retail & Operations Manager

Sep 19, 2023

Fast, efficient and good customer support !

Lea Dörr

Sep 13, 2023

Good products, even better customer service!

Danii Bedoya

Marketing Specialist

Sep 12, 2023

Great Service!!!

Franco Sanchez

Business Development Manager

Sep 9, 2023

We are really happy with our new hoodies from Monday Merch. Thanks for the good work

Eva-Maria Amelin

Sep 6, 2023

Very fast and smooth communication & wide range of great quality products. All of our company's merch is from Monday Merch and the feedback has been great. Special thanks to merch consultant Natalia, who is really helpful for providing us the right merch for our company. Even if there have been small miscommunications - everything is solved right away from their side!

Michael Ritter

Management & Business Development Consulting

Aug 11, 2023

Great products and great service!

Daan Kloppenberg

Aug 10, 2023

Fast delivery, good communication and top quality products!

Camila Zuluaga Londono

Marketing Iberia

Aug 10, 2023

Really good service and good products!

Kathy Liebl

Volunteer - Support Group Coordinator

Aug 10, 2023

Excellent client service experience and products. Delivered faster than scheduled.

Sara Zanigni

Senior Designer

Aug 10, 2023

Great company! Our contact Connor was very responsive and helped us with the bespoke quotes, design and delivery. Totally recommended!

Alexander Craig

Marketing Manager

Aug 9, 2023

I was in a bit of a squeeze with some tight deadlines and needed some branded hats urgently. These guys put some mock ups together, processed my payment and delivered as quickly and professionally as could be expected. Overall great service.

Gareth Tait

Marketing Specialist

Aug 8, 2023

Monday Merch was easy to use, friendly customer service, fair price for good quality products, and everything came quickly.

Pamela Vega

Business Developer

Aug 8, 2023

Excelent service! The sales person designated to me was very responsive and attentive. We ordered t-shirts for an upcoming event of my company, they assured me that they were arriving one day before the event and the t-shirts arrived even before. The quality is great, also they have different options. I will just say that the service is the best, amazing client service, and that I recommend it for a company's merch!

Jordi Poblet

Senior Product Designer

Aug 8, 2023

Good quality, fast turnaround and great service. In our case we had an issue with the shipment company, which impacted greatly an event we hosted, but even though MondayMerch wasn't at fault, they chased it up themselves and offered a gentle compensation for the inconvenience. As said, great service. Will definitely recommend and consider them for future orders.

Souraya Ait Jae

Event Manager

Aug 5, 2023

Good cooperation, quality products and fast switching.

Yelena Dimova

Operations Officer

Aug 5, 2023

The service was really great! They kept me up to date about my delivery and the products are really great!

Arjan Klijn


Aug 5, 2023

a month ago Nice range of sustainble merch, very friendly and responsive contact, easy business, so I can recommend Monday Merch with pleasure! We are happily using them as goodies for our foundation and its Nasz Las Expeditions to Bialowieza Forest!

Alexandra Holt

Office Manager

Aug 5, 2023

Everything went smoothly: great service and quality products. Everyone was very happy with their items in the goodie bag! Shipment was fast and reliable!

CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg

Aug 4, 2023

Very happy with the merch and overall experience we've had!

Aleksei Zhilyuk

Business Development Manager

Aug 4, 2023

Our company has ordered merch for 25 people living worldwide and all of the boxes found their owners pretty fast. The service is excellent and the opportunity to make a custom order in the website is 10/10. Highly recommend!

Rachel Rose

Senior Global Marketing Coordinator

Aug 4, 2023

We experienced some challenges with our Monday Merch order intended for goody bags at a large-scale corporate event in April 2023. The order included pens, tote bags, and coffee cups. Due to limited stock, Monday Merch informed us that they couldn't fulfil our request for 80 grey coffee cups. As a solution, we agreed to accept a different colour. However, this information was disclosed after we had already placed the order. Additionally, the shipping process was not as smooth as expected, and instead of receiving a delivery the week before the event, we had to personally pick up the merchandise from the UPS depot. Finally, the order was incomplete, as it lacked the pens and a couple of tote bags had missing straps. We understand that the delivery issues were caused by the courier, and we appreciate the efforts made by our sales representative to address the situation. After several conversations, Monday Merch offered us a partial refund to address these problems. While we recognize their attempts to rectify the issues we encountered, we still experienced multiple issues with item fulfilment. Therefore, we believe it's important to bring these matters to light, allowing future customers to make informed decisions when considering working with this company. After sharing our feedback, the company arranged a call to hear our point of view. We acknowledge their willingness to understand the frustrations and challenges we experienced and address the matter positively.

Ellina Miron

Marketing Manager

Aug 2, 2023

Super satisfied with the services and most importantly the products' quality. Thank you, Monday Merch team!

Nina Lorque

Aug 2, 2023

Service is really good! They answer quickly to all our questions and always helpful with our needs. They got really good quality products too!

Florian Mehr

Specialist Engineering

Aug 1, 2023

Great service and uncomplicated communication. Very satisfying final products.

Caroline Evert

Customer Relations

Jul 24, 2023

Very good experience. The polo shirts are very good quality. Just be aware that the sizes are quite big :)

Alexandra Evans

Jul 12, 2023

Great customer support and quality of the products!

Louise Edmonds

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Jul 9, 2023

Monday Merch were excellent! A seamless service from beginning to end. We had very tight deadlines and required our Tote bags to be shipped to Rome for a conference - the turnaround was impeccable and the quality of the bags was of the highest standard. A special thank you to Daniel Luna who was incredibly professional and 'made it happen'. I can't recommend Monday Merch enough!

Fikri Pitsuwan

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jul 8, 2023

Very nice merchandise and the customer service was the best. Thank you very much!

Dean Nielsen

Jul 8, 2023

Great service, went above and beyond to meet our clients deadlines which were tight to start with!

Luke Wilkinson