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Jun 29, 2023

Promotional Products for Non-profits: Top 14 Ideas

If you want promotional product ideas for your non-profit organisation, this article has everything you need and probably more.

Having a tight budget on their end, many non-profit organisations tend to overlook the importance of giving promotional products. They often think it will be another expensive cost on the organisation’s budget. However, not all promotional products for non-profits are costly. In fact, there are lots of affordable yet functional merch you can choose from nowadays.

If you want promotional product ideas for your non-profit organisation, this article has everything you need and probably more. 

Reasons To Invest in Promotional Products for Non-profits

Before moving to the list of promotional items, let’s first understand why investing in promotional products is excellent for your non-profit works.

Helps Attract Volunteers

Volunteers serve as the non-profit organisation’s employees. While not necessarily a job, volunteering can net people who participate in some rewards. These rewards sometimes come as stipends, while other rewards can be volunteer appreciation gifts.

Everyone loves free merch, so when potential volunteers discover you’re offering promotional products, they might consider volunteering for your non-profit organisation. 

Raises Awareness

Most non-profit organisations are charities that rely on exposure to spread their cause. Different promotional products can raise awareness by displaying these organisations' logos, names, or slogans.

Furthermore, besides raising awareness about your cause, these promotional products for charities also serve as affordable marketing means.

Creates a Sense of Unity

Volunteering is hard work, and it requires excellent chemistry between everyone involved. Giving your volunteers personalised gifts like T-shirts, office supplies, or even mugs instils camaraderie between them, making them work more efficiently. 

The Best Thank-You Gifts for Volunteers

Volunteer appreciation gift packs shouldn’t just contain random items hastily put together. What you give your volunteers should mean something to them while benefiting your organisation.

Here are the best thank-you gift ideas for your volunteers:

Merch for Lunch Break

Lunch breaks give your employees or volunteers that much-needed break during their shifts. Here are some of the best merch for lunch break you can give your volunteers: 

1. Hand Sanitizer 

The past few years taught us that keeping our hands clean is vital to staying healthy. Hand sanitisers give us much-needed protection against illnesses transmitted through contact.
Volunteering entails interacting with a lot of people. Giving your volunteers hand sanitisers ensure that everyone is hygienically protected from illnesses. 

2. Recycled Lunch Box

Encourage your volunteers to eat in style with this recycled lunch box. Aside from sporting an aesthetically pleasing look, these lunch boxes are made from recycled materials. Save your volunteers from hunger and help save the environment with this gift idea for volunteers.

3. Musli Container

Aside from lunch break, your volunteers deserve a little snack break. Musli containers are perfect holders for their snacks since it has two compartments. One can be used as a beverage container, and the top part can accommodate snacks. 

4. Reusable Coffee Cup with Screw Lid

If there’s one thing most people can’t live without, it’s coffee. Give your volunteers a reusable coffee cup with screw lid to make their coffee-drinking experience even better.

Forget about disposable coffee cups and start reusable containers. Aside from helping save the environment, this item allows volunteers to express their styles through different designs. 

Branded Office Supplies

Volunteers are more excited to work when they have their own branded office supplies. Here are some volunteer recognition ideas under this category:

5. Premium RPET Notebook

Notebooks are excellent, but recycled notebooks are even more remarkable. Give your volunteers premium RPET notebooks to perfectly balance style and substance.
We all know that notebooks are made from trees. Using recycled materials limits the degradation of the environment without sacrificing the product’s quality.

6. Closing Laptop Sleeve

Laptops deserve some love too. Give your volunteers closing laptop sleeves to provide maximum protection to their laptops. With a magnetised closing mechanism and various pockets for accessories, you will never have to look for other laptop sleeves again. 

7. Recycled PU Mousepad

If you’re in the office often, you probably spend most of your time holding a mouse. Make your scrolling and browsing experience even better with this recycled PU mousepad. This pad is extra thick and made from recycled materials, making it one of the best gifts for volunteers. 

Eco-friendly Shopping Bags

Make your volunteers’ shopping experience even better by using eco-friendly shopping bags. Here are some of the best shopping bag ideas: 

8. Cotton Shopper

Keep your produce fresh with this cotton shopper. Cotton is a material well-known for being a breathable fabric. Furthermore, this shopping bag is made from recycled materials. Simple yet elegant, this cotton shopper is all you need for a smooth shopping experience.

9. RPET Shopping Bag

Consider giving the RPET shopping bag to more environmentally conscious volunteers. This shopping bag is made from recycled PET bottles. Giving your volunteers this item is one way of promoting sustainability everywhere they go. 

10. Recycled Tote Bags

Tote bags are meant for smaller items, and if your volunteers are fond of bringing smaller items with them, then the recycled tote bag is your best choice for a gift. This bag is made from recycled materials such as cotton and polyester and is an excellent alternative to ordinary tote bags. 

Corporate Mugs

Liven up your break rooms with corporate mugs. There are tons of mugs that make for perfect personalised gifts for volunteers. Here are some of the options you can have: 

11. Eco Coffee Mug

There’s no better mug than an environmentally friendly and reusable coffee mug. This eco coffee mug is both stylish and functional. The cork exterior gives off a rustic look, and the polylactide (PLA) interior is durable enough to withstand the heat from hot drinks.

12. Ceramic Mug

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. Giving your volunteers this ceramic mug makes a big statement through its simplicity. You also have different colours to choose from, so you can make this gift as personalised as possible by assigning different colours to each volunteer.

13. Hard Cover Phone Case

One of the devices your employees spend most of their time on is their phones. A hard-cover phone case is one of the ideal promotional products for non-profit organisations. This inexpensive gift is always a welcome addition to anyone’s collection. 

14. Branded Classic Hard-cover Sketchbook

Who doesn’t love doodling? Everyone could use a nice sketchbook to pass the time or practice one’s budding art career. Give your volunteers a branded classic hard-cover sketchbook as a fun way to encourage creativity in the workplace. 

Promotional Products for Non-profit Organisations

Having a non-profit organisation is undeniably challenging, especially if you’re fighting for a life-changing cause. However, you can make a difference in bringing attention through these promotional products.

With all the items on our list, your non-profit organisation will inevitably boost traction in your community. If sourcing merch items like gifts for volunteers and charity promotional products is new to you, don’t worry. Our team will be here to assist you and give you our insights. Message us and we are happy to help you!