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Dec 13, 2022

DO's and DON'Ts of Corporate Gifting

If you are planning on sending out corporate gifts to your partners, clients, or employees, there are a few things you should be aware of. Here are the do's and dont's!

Gifts can do wonders in strengthening your relationships with your employees and clients. Giving corporate gifts can affect your partnership and build stronger relationships with your new and even long-term connections. This simple activity has substantial long-term effects on your partners as it creates a sense of belonging and appreciation, recall and retention, and even builds trust and confidence between them.

If you are planning on sending out corporate gifts to your partners, clients, or employees, there are a few things you should be aware of. Ever heard of do’s and don'ts? Sure you do. Surprisingly, corporate giving has its own set of dos and don'ts. Wondering what they are? Well, you’re in for a treat.

Tips for Good Corporate Gifts

If you want to maximise your corporate gifting program and avoid sending the worst corporate gifts, better list down these few tips and thank us later.

• Check out the Corporate Gifting Policy

When sending corporate gifts to your business partner and clients, you should always check and inquire about their corporate gift policies. Some government industries have legal restrictions towards receiving gifts. While other private organisations implement limitations to avoid unethical conflicts and behaviours from gift exchange.

• Take into Account National and Cultural Specifics

The goal is to build good impressions when sending out corporate gifts, not offend and violate! Be mindful of your clients' national and cultural specifics to avoid this awkward situation. Study their cultural background and learn what kind of gift set they would love to receive. 

• Personalise Your Gifts

As mentioned before, not all gifts apply to everyone, a bit of customization will take you far above everyone. Understand your people's preferences and make twists and nitty gritty touches with each gift. Personalization creates a big difference and closes gaps! Moreover, it leaves a positive impact and impression, so do not underestimate the power of handwritten personal notes!

• Pay Attention to Gift Customisation

Gift customization is a hit, especially for gifting your employees. Who wouldn't want to receive merchandise with your name in its design? Adding your recipient's name on your gift makes them feel like it's made for them alone-a sense of ownership that sparks trust and affection. We are experts in creating superb, customizable gift packages and merch that your people will love. 

• Choose Practical Gifts

Send out something your client, partners, or employees can use in their daily activities. Practical items are most likely culture-flexible, gender-appropriate, and not time-bound merch. You may opt to add an Eco Plant bottle, retro mug, mini umbrella, and hand sanitiser.

• Hand Write a Note

Needless to say, handwritten notes should never be ditched or set aside. A heartfelt message adds a delicate touch of care, importance, and love to your incredible gift. Some recipients even love to keep these little notes as a remembrance. Your gift is already a statement of appreciation, but the words written on paper can deliver your intentions even more clearly.

• Pay Attention to Gift Wrapping

Your package wrapping plays a vital role in securing your fantastic gift. Make sure it is well-kept and safe, and use appropriate wrapping designs. Make it exciting but not too flashy! If you’re worried about your gift packaging, why not check our aesthetic packaging designs and cards.

• Give Your Corporate Presents on Time

When you're all set with your corporate gifts, you must pay close attention to their delivery. Cadence is critical, especially if you are delivering bulk package batches. Plan your delivery accordingly to avoid conflicting schedules and late receiving. One more tip, though, we just don’t have awesome merch and packaging. We also deliver the goodies straight to your employee's home.

Mistakes by the Corporate Gifts

Always remember that the purpose of your corporate gift is to give a good impression. Therefore it's good to try to avoid mistakes that could put your partnership at bay. Here are some essential points to remember:

• Don't Choose Low-Quality Gifts

A big no. Budget versus quantity is always the root cause of low-quality gifts. Always maintain your corporate gift quality, as this package embodies your company's intentions. Be as reliable and remarkable as your gift. Wondering what to give? Check out our preset merch pack.

• Don't Give a Promotion Instead of a Gift

Promotions are good, without a doubt. However, sending it as a gift sounds like something in a rush, doesn't it? Remember that corporate gifting aims to strengthen your bond towards your connections.

• Be Careful with Gift Cards and Certificates

Gift cards and certificates are good perk items, yet not great corporate gifts. Sending out gift cards shows disinterest in empowering your partnership. A great corporate gifting program is well thought out, carefully curated, and personalised. Make sure your company gifts meet all those requirements.

Always Comply with Corporate Gift Policies

Send your exciting gift package in compliance with corporate gifting policies. Read and research your receiver's dos and don'ts as it varies per industry, sector, and culture. This will allow you to plan a better and more efficient gifting strategy that will stun your people in a snap.

If you want more corporate gift ideas, feel free to check our products or message us for some helpful advice.